Back from Africa

I’m back from Nigeria, 10 days passed by so quickly. Full of memories of amazing places and people and tons of photos taken on the road (including Lagos, Kaduna, Zaria, Ibadan, small villages and some countryside as well). Detailed post coming soon and I’ll upload a selection of photos to my portfolio soon as well. There will also be an exhibition of some of the photos I took. Details will be announced as soon as it’s final. Stay tuned! ;)

UNHCR – successful photojournalist tender

“…We found your portfolio impressive and would be pleased to work with you in the future…. ” This Monday I’ve received positive feedback from UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) Central Europe. In early May I’ve applied to their photojournalist tender and I was happy to receive their reply. The Central Europe branch covers and is responsible for 7 countries: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia. This means that in the future whenever they have a suitable assignment in the region, I’ll be one of the photojournalists to be contacted. I appreciate the information, help and recommendations of Zoltan Szalay, Béla Szandelszky, Miklós Teknős, …

Medical preparation for the African trip

There’s a lot of preparation before the trip to Nigeria. Many of them are obviously related to photography, (thinking about concepts, what I’d like to photograph, gather information on where it is to safe to shoot images, and where it’s not advisable at all. Another important step is to find a good and reliable fixer who can help and assist me (translator, driver, someone who has good local connections). I’ve asked around among journalists, photographers, on Lightstalkers and other forums. There are also other preparation steps like vaccinations. There’s only one mandatory vaccination for the Nigerian visa: yellow fever, but …

Where’s my pálinka?

Ok, so here is the 1st photo of the “crazy shots”. A good friend of mine, Aron and I started to experiment with a 60cm softbox (hazy light) in the pantry (larder) of a countryside house. It’s one of those old-school, traditional places, that are packed with Granny’s pickles, fruits, smoked sausages, ham and so on. Oh, and of course there’s usually a lot of palinka as well. For those who haven’t been lucky (or brave) enough to meet this (originally) home-made spirit, here’s a wiki link: Aron was happy to find the bottle he looked for. ;)

Weekend portrait shoot

In the weekend we experimented with 2 fairly new softboxes of my friend, Aron. I took a few, more or less regular portraits and we also went crazy with location and theme. Here are 2 portraits from the shoot. The crazy stuff comes in a later post. Stay tuned! ;)

Nigeria photo trip in October

Recently decided to travel to Nigeria in October, primarily to visit one of my best friends, Tim and also to explore a bit from a traveller and photography perspective. I’m currently sorting out the airplane ticket and see if I need a visa, how long does it take to get it and so on. The very high-level plan is to visit Lagos, stay there for a few days, and then explore the countryside a bit including visiting a few villages. I also have a few concepts about what I’d like to concentrate, what I’d like to document with photographs, but …

It’s on…

Hello there, this is Zsolt… now that my new website is up and running I’ll run a blog here as well. The main idea is to regularly provide new images (that I wouldn’t add to the portfolio for some reason, but still think are worthy to share), updates on my travels and anything that might be interesting to my readers.