Buso festivities in Hungary

National Geographic publications and recent achievements! :)

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National Geographic publications and recent achievements! :)

October has been quite vivid for me and gave me a lot of energy to move forward and keep going on the chosen path in photography. I have made a decision early this year that I will stop photographing so many things, and will only concentrate on the issues, topics I’m really interested in.

Back to October…

First I received an email that my images made it to the finalist round in the Travel Photographer of the Year 2014. The final round of judging will happen on 2nd December, so keep your fingers crossed. Some of my images about the “Busó” festivities (“Poklade”) in Mohacs are in the Tribes category among the finalists.

Then a few days later I’ve received an email from the Hungarian National Geographic magazine that they have chosen one of my images as the picture of the month and it will be published in print in the December issue. So happy about this! :)

And finally, yesterday another notification from National Geographic Travel: one of my photos has been selected as one of the 10 most popular photos of the month, worldwide! Among many prestigious photographers, like Jim Richardson for example. I’m overwhelmed! :)

Oh, and from now on I’ll make sure to keep this blog alive and going, so make sure you check back regularly! :)