Published again!

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Published again!

My beloved “Buso” project got published and featured again. This time, first it appeared on So Bad So Good (both the website and on FB), then it started to go viral. First a German website approached me, then VICE Australia, then Society, a French bi-weekly printed magazine. I’m very grateful and happy about all these and will keep working on my buso project with double or even triple effort.

The next steps: I’m organizing a large-scale exhibition of the Buso project first in the Busoudvar, Mohacs (home of the festivities). The exhibition will open on 9th February 2019 and I’ll bring it to Budapest in 2018 Spring (no specific date yet).

Then I’ll start working on my Buso photobook, which will cover main events of the buso festivities, portraits, lots of insider photos and moments even most locals cannot witness, all based on my past 4-5 years of working on this project. It’ll also portray work of the traditional craftsmen, who create the costumes, buso masks etc.

And lastly: I’m starting to work on a webshop with a good friend of mine, where customers will be able to buy traditional, unique, hand-made buso masks and buso gifts from Mohacs. It’ll go live in a few weeeks hopefully, we are working hard on it.