“There and back again”

Dear loyal visitor! I know I haven’t been very kind to you, as I didn’t write for a long time, but here and now I promise to change it and will post more often and more regularly.

In March, I’ve joined an expedition in Senegal, where the 7 of us visited the main, and less known UNESCO cultural world heritage sites and communities. I will soon write a detailed blog post about it, with photos as well. You can browse the selected photos from Senegal here.

This autumn there are plans to visit Nepal and Southern India and we have also started to talk about a potential documentary photo+video project in Tibet with a friend of mine. I wouldn’t go into details of the project as this point. Noone likes jinx, right?

Bhutan also started to pick my mind heavily recently. I have been extremely interested in the culture and religion in the Himalayas, and Bhutan is one of the most enigmatic countries on Earth. For me at least, no question. Again, no jinx, but hopefully there will be news around this in a few months.

Apart from my travel photo plans and projects, I have started to photograph a “full-colour” motorcycle club in Hungary, called Geronimo MC. The first time this idea was born in my head was when I was watching Sons of Anarchy. After long long months of negotiation, discussion, messages, phone calls and eventually a few meetings it started to happen, and I love every minute of this adventurous “journey”. I was always fascinated by communities, let alone closed or fairly closed ones. This drives me to visit remote villages in Africa, in Northern Nigeria or in the hills of Southern Senegal, close to the Guinean border or even in Hungary, let it be cultural (the community of the “busó” groups) or like a motorcycle clubs, that are pretty badass as well.